Coves dels Hams (caves)

The Hams Caves, nature’s work of art.

Situated in Porto Cristo – Mallorca, they are renowned throughout the world for their peculiar fish-hook shaped formations, Hams in Mallorquine. Discovered by Pedro Caldentey in 1905, they were the first caves in Spain to be opened to the public, in 1910, already fitted out with an electrical installation that was very advanced for its time.

The tour commences with the descent into the Round Cave, an immense botanical garden with local fauna. In the Blue Cave -a new attraction since 2015- the Documentary Discovering the Past introduces us to the history of Majorca, its first inhabitants, the formation of the Caves and their extraordinary discovery. You will be able to admire the spectacular new led lighting, “Samson’s Pillars”, the “Plains of Fra Mauro”, and the “Pit of Hell”, in whose Auditorium you will enjoy GENESIS -the History of Life-, a frenzied audiovisual Time-Lapse, from the Big Bang to the present day, projected on a vast scale onto the ancient rock-face of the cave. Next we visit the Classic Cave, which is made up of 12 galleries. On the underground Lake, the Sea of Venice a Musical Show is presented. The Hams Caves are one of Majorca’s main tourist attractions.