Landscape and nature

In the township of Manacor there are 32 square kilometres declared as natural areas of special interest, of which more than 6 kilometres belong to the natural zone formed by a rocky coast that opens onto the sea with a group of virgin coves of great natural beauty. This area covers the territory from S’Estany d’en Mas to Cales de Mallorca and has the special characteristic, besides a coastal landscape of extreme and unalterable beauty, of having a great variety of flora and fauna.

Manacor’s topographic map has been made with the aim of promoting and introducing the natural characteristics of the municipality, to diversify visitors’ choices and to promote resources for alternative approaches to beach holidays. The intense coastal activity requires such an effort.

We should make visitors aware that they should respect the natural values and that the environment deserves the respect of the people of Manacor and its visitors.