New UNE-ISO 13009:2016 standard for Q seal in tourism quality for beaches

New UNE-ISO 13009:2016 standard for Q seal in tourism quality for beaches

The Tourist Department has adapted the quality management system for local beaches that has been in place since 2012 to the new UNE-ISO 13009:2016 standard, replacing the UNE 187001:2011 standard that was in place previously.

This new, more international standard has greater recognition and visibility on the foreign market. In Spain, there are 235 beaches certified with the Q seal in tourism quality, nine of which are in Manacor, which have now been adapted to this new standard, which defines the requirements for managing the public use of beaches and user service provision.

The goal is to offer sustainable quality services and the satisfaction of tourist and resident users of these beaches.

The Town hall management aims to control the resources and prevent the pollution, control environmental impact with regard to the various activities and facilities provided, promote active participation of users, attend any complaints and suggestions, provide easier access to beaches for all those users with disabilities, define and revise periodically all aims and objectives in order to promote the continuous improvement of our beaches.

The certified beaches are: s’Illot, Porto Cristo, Cala Anguila, Cala Mendia, s’Estany d’en Mas, Cala Antena, es Domingos Grans, es Domingos Petits and Cala Murada.