Cales de Mallorca

The main tourist resort on Manacor´s caostline, icludes three coves offering the ideal environment for family holidays. Its cliffs and sea beds make the area very suitable for diving.


The beaches that form Cales de Mallorca are Cala Antena, es Domingos Grans and es Domingos Petits. The first one is the smallest of the three and is placed at the entrance of the resort. The other two are contiguous and it is possible to accede easily crossing the rocks that separate them. Nearby we find the Natural Area of Special Interest “Cales verges de Manacor”, virgin coves that spread from Cala Antena up to s’Estany d’en Mas. The most famous among these small coves are Cala Magraner and Cala Varques.

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